Monday, December 12, 2011


David Klein ~ Las Vegas TWA, 1965

 Sera wakes and Ben comes in and gets into bed with her.
  How are you doing?
  Very well... umm... I never 
  expected to have to ask you 
  this again... but how did our 
  evening go? I remember 
  getting to the casino... I 
  remember kissing you... that 
  was really nice but 
  everything after that is a 
  Well - I was prepared for 
  worse, but it wasn't so bad. 
  We were sitting at the bar, 
  talking about blackjack. You 
  seemed just fine, a little 
  drunker than usual, but 
  nothing really strange, but 
  then your head started to 
  droop and I put my arm on 
  your shoulder and then, wham, 
  you swung you arm at me, and 
  fell backwards off your stool 
  into a cocktail waitress. You 
  smashed everything on her 
  tray, it was a real mess. You 
  kept yelling and yelling.
  Oh, and what did you do?
  I tried to shut you up and 
  help you to your feet but you 
  kept swinging at me - not 
  like you wanted to hit me, 
  but more just waving me away. 
  Security came and when you 
  saw them you stopped yelling. 
  They wanted to carry you out 
  and dump you on the street, 
  but I talked them into 
  letting me walk you out.
  That's impressive. How did 
  you do that?
  I told them you were an 
  alcoholic and T would take 
  you home. I also promised 
  that we would never come in 
  there again.
  Yes, we.
   (holds her hand)
  What happened then?
  You were OK for a while, so 
  we walked for about a block 
  and then you said you wanted 
  to go home and fuck, but I 
  think even you knew that 
  wasn't going to happen. We 
  got a cab and you asked him 
  to stop at a liquor store, 
  even though I told you that 
  we had plenty at home. In the 
  store you gave the kid a 
  hundred and told him to keep 
  the change. I asked you if 
  you knew it was a hundred. 
  You said you did, so I let 
  you do it. We got here, you 
  fell asleep on the couch and 
  I covered you up and came to 
 Leaving Las Vegas, Mike figgis 1994

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