Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tula's Samovars

'To take one's own samovar  to Tula', a well-known Russian idiom coined by Anton Chekhov, is similar to the Western saying, 'carrying coals to Newcastle'.  
[meaning: to do something pointless and superfluous]

Арсений Николаев's Gallery

1. Globe-shaped samovar with leaves. 1920s. Nickel-plated brass.
2. Pot-shaped samovar, magazine. Early 20th cent. Brass
3. Samovar “Florentine Vase” 1870. Copper
4. Vase-shaped samovar “The Russian Field”. 1986. Nickel-plated, Steel.
5. Semi-Vase-shaped Samovar. Late 19th cent. Brass
6. Tea-pot samovar. Late 18th сent. Red Copper.
7. Traveler's samovar. Early 19th сent. Copper
8. Pear-shaped samovar. Late 19th сent. Brass
9. Vase-Shaped Samovar. Late 19th - early 20th cent. Copper
10. Vase-shaped samovar ”Scythos.“ 1800. Brass

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