Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mischief Again

Here is the second book about the 
irresistible Laughing Kitten — so en- 
chanting that all animal-lovers, young 
or old, will love it. 

Tinker romps through the pages 
once more, trying to teach the puppy 
how to play the gramophone, how 
to use the camera (in the wrong way !), 
what a typewriter is or isn't for, and 
what happens when you try to answer 
the telephone! Floppy the puppy 
is only too willing to learn, and to 
share in all Tinker's mischief. 

Again the photographs are superb 
— almost incredibly good in the way 
they portray these ingenuous young 
creatures. They are by Paul Kaye, 
and the story is by that well-loved 
writer, Enid Blyton. 

This unusual book will please 
everyone, and its pages will be turned 
many times, with delighted chuckles. 
Once more Paul Kaye, Enid Blyton, 
and the Kitten have presented us 
with a truly enchanting book. 



➔  Internet Archive

The Laughing Kitten, First Published in 1954 by Harvill Press
Mischief Again!, First Published in 1955 by Harvill Press
Let's Have a Party, First Published in 1956 by Harvill Press 

 ➔ The Enid Blyton Society

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