Monday, November 29, 2010


ca. 1850

~ Parasol Flirtation ~  Long ago, parasols were used to communicate a Lady's thoughts graciously; they were used for more than just accessories to women's attire. Below are some meanings associated with a Victorian Lady's parasol motions

· Carrying it elevated in the left hand- Desiring acquaintance

· Carrying it elevated in the right hand- You are too willing

· Carrying it closed in the left hand- Meet you on the first crossing

· Carrying it closed over the right hand- Follow me

· Carrying it over the right shoulder- You may speak to me

· Closing it- I will speak to you

· End of tip to lips- Do you love me?

· Folding it up- Get rid of your company

· Tapping the chin gently- I am in love with another

· Twirling it around- Be careful, we are watched

· With handle to lips- Kiss me 

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