Wednesday, March 21, 2012

British Rabbits

Hans Grüneberg, 15 November 1947

"On a table top in Reginald Freeman's butcher shop in Barking outside of London, England, two young rabbits named Junior and Mr. Walker padded back and forth on their forefeet before an admiring crowd. Mr Freeman, used to his rabbits' habits, took a seat in the corner. To people who wondered why the rabbits walked this way, he explained that the rabbits simply like to. Both have been doing it since they were born. Mr. Walker the elder rabbit, started right off walking on his forefeet. Junior, a female, at first experimented with the more conventional four-legged method but after watching Mr. Walker for a while switched to his two-legged style. Mr. Freeman asked a veterinarian about all this and was told the rabbits' spinal muscles were underdeveloped and they walked on two legs because it was easier" (spinal cord neural tube defects)

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