Monday, October 3, 2011

Packing list

Adolf Konrad, December 16, 1963
The Morgan Library & Museum

In December of 1963, realist painter Adolf Konrad planned to travel to Rome and Egypt, so he made a packing list -- not quite the kind of list you or I might make -- Kondrad's was a water-color painted into his sketchbook. On one page he painted all the items he planned to take with him, and on the next page he painted himself wearing only an undershirt and striped boxer shorts. The items he'd painted to pack looked like paper-doll cut-outs which could be cut and glued to his paper body. He included a t-shirt, sports shirt, undershirt, dress shirt, boxer shorts, two trousers, socks, a camera, sketch books, oil paints, watercolors, inks, brushes, pencils, chalk, and a copy of Europe on $5 A Day, into which he had inserted a note which read "Ha Ha."Margie Goldsmith for The Huffington Post

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