Thursday, July 7, 2011

Memorable, haunting, enchanting...

It all began in 1912 when Guerlain launched Heure Bleue.  Anyone who caught a whiff of that iris, heliotrope, 
jasmine and Bulgarian rose felt transported into the first twilight of the world, when the first stars were scintillating ...  
The Midnight Love Feast by Michel Tournier

La Maison Guerlain
L' Heure Bleue, 1912
Jacques Guerlain, Perfumer
Raymond Guerlain, Bottle Designer, in collaboration with Baccarat
New York Magazine ~ May 4, 1970
Few companies, French or otherwise, have as romantic and regal a history as GUERLAIN.  The company was founded in 1828 by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain at a time when perfume - indeed the entire world of beauty products - wasn't yet an industry.  But Guerlain would change all that.  Before the century was out, the house had won the favor of Empress Eugénie (wife of Napoleon III) and had made specially commissioned scents for clients as diverse as Balzac and Sarah Bernhardt...
[New York Magazine Jun 5, 1989] 

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