Saturday, June 18, 2011

wherever he laid his hat was his home

 Man's sweat-stained hat, presumably evidence in a criminal matter, atop boxes of police negatives. Location and details unknown, but possibly CIB, Sydney, ca. 1928

 William Burroughs, 11pm late March 1985, being driven home to 222 Bowery. Experimenting with hand held half second Roloflex exposure camera upside down for view, Burroughs phantom in street light stop sign illumination fuzzy, couldn't move back further to focus sharper, I was in rear seat. - Allen Ginsberg  [©Allen Ginsberg Estate]

 George Condo + William S. Burroughs, Untitled, 1992. 
Barbed wire, leather waistband ammunition and gun holster, plastic Ken-doll, glasses, felt hat, vodka bottle, wood pedestal

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