Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dalí + Harpo

Salvador Dalí sketching Harpo Marx  [Los Angeles Examiner, February 17th 1937]
I met Harpo for the first time in his garden. He was naked, crowned with roses, and in the center of a veritable forest of harps (he was surrounded by at least five hundred harps). He was caressing, like a new Leda, a dazzling white swan, and feeding it a statue of the Venus de Milo made of cheese, which he grated against the strings of the nearest harp. An almost springlike breeze drew a curious murmur from the harp forest. In Harpo’s pupils glows the same spectral light to be observed in Picasso’s. -- Salvador Dalí  "Surrealism in Hollywood"  Harper's Bazaar, 1937  

The Marx Brothers
The Dali Museum

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