Sunday, April 3, 2011


Pièce en un acte de Jean Cocteau créée par Berthe Bovy. Décors de Christian Bérard. Crée au Théâtre-Français le 17 février 1930. Ed. Stock
Rossellini's version of Cocteau's famous one-woman play, La Voix Humaine, gave Magnani one of her finest moments on screen. The director said he chose the play because it gave him "the chance to use the camera as a microscope, especially since the phenomenon to examine was called Anna Magnani." Triumphant as the desperate, pleading woman who cannot free herself from the sound of the voice of her unfaithful lover on the telephone, Magnani turned Cocteau's "opera without music" into a "documentary about a woman's suffering."  TIFF

  La Voce Umana directed by Roberto Rossellini, starring Anna Magnani, 1948
  Site officiel du Comité Jean Cocteau

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